Habit 14: Link externally

Please read carefully.

Click the play button above and watch to the very end until the screen goes black.

The quiz button will then appear  – click it to answer a simple question on the module.

You can have multiple attempts at the answer, but it must be correct for the module to complete.

The final certification exam is made available on completion of all modules and quizes.


There's a theme of brevity being weaved throughout the Communications layer. Less is more. Customers don't have time to wade through lengthy responses. In addition, you don't have time to write them and reinvent the wheel every time.

This Habit video looks at external linking. A simple enough concept - but that's OK - it makes it easy to turn it into a habit, doesn't it?

Section: Communications

Duration: 4:02

Habit trigger: Lengthy response

 Old routine: Press send
 Old reward: Comprehensive must be good

 New routine: How could I shorten with links?
 New reward: Less is more

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