Meet the author and presenter

Mark Copeman has had customer facing roles since 1993, in B2B enterprise roles and subsequently through his marketing and video agencies.

He co-founded Customer Thermometer, the 1-click helpdesk feedback tool in 2010 and then spent the next 8 years immersed in all things customer service. He took an active role in their helpdesk and worked with 100’s of helpdesk managers from IT support businesses, big brand helpdesks and internal enterprise service desks.

He saw first hand the issues helpdesk managers face. He’s dealt with 100’s of difficult (and wonderful) customers on the phone, face to face, via email and chat.

He exited Customer Thermometer in 2018 and wrote Helpdesk Habits, the book. That was turned into the online program and certification during 2019.

Mark speaks at conferences regularly and runs face to face workshops.

Everything he teaches and speaks on, is based around habit formation and embedding. The only true way to create lasting change.

Other experiences

Mark is a director / shareholder of the renowned MSP Marketing agency, Wingman and spends much of his time working with clients on improving their online presence and customer experience.

He is the author of the books, MSP Secrets Revealed and Helpdesk Habits. MSP Secrets Revealed ep #2 was published in October 2023.

Within the Tech Tribe, he’s honoured to be the resident Tribal website reviewer.

He is a regular conference speaker on the subject of customer service and the power of habits, as well as all things sales and marketing for MSPs.