Helpdesk Habits, the book –
in paperback & on Kindle


Helpdesk Habits is a fantastic program. The book and videos are very easy to follow and are really engaging. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you feel your helpdesk delivers the best possible service, I can almost guarantee this program will open your eyes to fine tuning your customer experience.
– Hannah Taylor,  Amshire

“As someone who runs an IT company with a helpdesk, I can see this becoming a user guide for our staff, both current and future.”
– review

“While it’s aimed at helpdesk staff or agents, much of what Mark has captured applies to anyone who deals with a customer in any role.”
– review

“Every customer-facing employee should read this book!”
– review

For engineers, agents, managers or anyone looking to improve their customer service interactions.

Examples, techniques and habit building lessons to develop your team.

Transform your helpdesk from an overhead into a feature.