How to add your Helpdesk Habits certification to your Linkedin profile

From today, it’s now possible to share your Helpdesk Habits certification with the world – specifically via your Linkedin profile.

Linkedin has a dedicated certifications area and you can now add Helpdesk Habits to it … (and yes – I did backdate mine).

A simple three step process

1) Log in to your Helpdesk Habits account.
2) Click on your certificate:
3) You’ll then see your certification page – simply click the “Add to profile button”
You can also download your certificate and on page 2 of that download, you’ll find where to download certification badges for your email signature / website.
It’s as simple as that 🙂
Do share your achievement with the world – and maybe tag me along too – so I can say congratulations.

Thanks to Jonathan for the inspiration

Mark Copeman
Helpdesk Habits creator