Mark Copeman’s Connect IT Global presentation

On 7th May 2019, Kaseya’s annual Connect IT Global event took place at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

We gave away 500 branded copies of the Helpdesk Habits book, launched the Helpdesk Habits online programme and Mark was asked to present at a breakout session.

A 70 day framework for success

Mark talked to over 100 people on the Helpdesk Habits stand. Many he spoke to were disappointed that they didn’t get to see his breakout session. A few even admitted to making the wrong choice that Tuesday afternoon ?.

To make amends, Mark has re-recorded his (standing room only) presentation and you can watch it below … great lunch break viewing perhaps?

What topics does the presentation cover?

It includes his thoughts on why human customer service is just so important for today’s MSPs, to truly differentiate.

He talks about the importance of ensuring your agents are properly skilled in this area and how to make that change – through habit embedding.

He discusses how habits are formed, habit loops and how to create and break habits – the scientific way.

Finally, he talks through 6 different habits from the book and online programme, which you can take and start to embed today, to make a real difference to your business.

So – leave the technology at the door for 40 mins, settle back, click play and let’s get human…